"...Super Bet Option"

"...Random Bonuses"

"...Switch Symbols To Wilds"

What has this High Rolling Fox got in store. Spend a day with Mr Fox and enjoy riches and high rolling escapades in Foxin Wins Slot. Mr Fox isn’t afraid to splash some cash on his extravagant lifestyle and on the reels as well with his Random Bonuses and Foxin Pups Wild Switches.

Foxin Wins Slots excels at delivering extra random win events through its features. At any time a player can we awarded a random bonus after any spin either through a Fox Fund win or a Leprechaun Shakedown. During a Leprechaun shakedown a prize is won when the Leprechaun is caught. In addition we have the Foxin Pups which are behind the reels and can spin symbols into wilds at any time.

Free spins are awarded when players land 3 money pots scatter symbols. During the free spins fox pups appear more frequently and all wins are doubled. Extra free spins can also be retriggered in the bonus round with money pot scatters.

The final feature of Foxin Wins Slot is the Super Bet option, Players can opt to add two super bets at a cost of 35 or 50 coins to make fox pups appear in the reels 2, 3, 4 or across all reels respectively. Fox pups are mischievous and can randomly spins symbols to reveal wilds at any time.

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How To Play Foxin Wins Slot

The Foxin Win Slot Game controls are designed specifically for mobile with the play/spin button located to bottom right overlaid on the reels. Players can select the coin icon in the play button to quick select line bet sizes in the range of 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 25. All of these will be multiplied by 25 lines for the final bet total.

Provider: NYX
Paylines: 25
Min-bet: 1.0
Max-bet: 50
Max-pay: 2000x
Features: Free Spins, Gamble Feature, Random wins
Volatility: M

Foxin Wins Winners

Sebastian A. won 960.5 SEK on 2017-07-04

Susanne A. won 1060.0 SEK on 2017-06-14

Maxim R. won 45875.0 AUD on 2017-07-10

Jon S. won 1250.0 GBP on 2017-06-23

Chris W. won 1928.5 GBP on 2017-06-04

Aleisha M. won 1037.25 AUD on 2017-05-11

Michael H. won 1000.0 GBP on 2017-05-21

Jean G. won 1041.75 GBP on 2017-07-04

Jay H. won 1036.2 GBP on 2017-06-11

Harry T. won 1030.0 AUD on 2017-05-30

Gry S. won 925.0 SEK on 2017-06-15

Michael C. won 1065.5 GBP on 2017-05-17

Paul John M. won 933.0 GBP on 2017-05-27

David B. won 1300.0 AUD on 2017-06-30

Daniel wayne A. won 1610.4 GBP on 2017-06-17

Rybarczyk A. won 926.25 GBP on 2017-06-06

Maxim R. won 1375.0 USD on 2017-06-11