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It’s time for Princess Myoko to beckon her trusty fish. Koi Princess is all about the bonuses. This captivating Anime themed slot is big-win chaser favourite and is one of best presented NetEnt games.

There are few slot games as captivating as Koi Princess Mobile Slot and fewer still packed with as many winning features. This makes Koi Princess one our top recommended mobile slots on LuckyCat Slots not only for the Anime theme but the option for players to activate the bonus bet on any spin giving a higher chance to win big. The sheer bonus enabled multipliers is only matched by games like THEME PARK: Tickets of Fortune, but Koi Princess Slot has the edge.

NetEnt have truly packed the game features into Koi Princess. First of all is the choice to activate the bonus-bet through the button on the bottom right. The bonus button increases the chances of winning random and bonus features when you spin the reels. Activating the bonus bet doubles the cost of the spins but as well as giving you more chances for features and bonuses it increases the values on the bonus wheel and increases sure coin wins during free spins. The four random bonus round features in Koi Princess slot are 5 hit, which guarantees a winning random line across the reels with a random symbol, random wilds that appears across any reel, wild stacked reels and dragon bonus symbols. 3 bonus symbols across any of the reels activates a random pick wheel which spins to offer you sure win free spins, free spins where wilds appear between 1 to 5 random reels, a bonus wheel with 3 tiers and 12 pockets that dice are spun into and an instant coin win.

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How To Play Koi Princess Slot

On Koi Princess Slot the game controls are situated at the foot of the reels. Unique to the Koi Princess Slot control panel is the option is to select the Bonus Bet on the bottom right. Once activated this enhances the winning experience and guarantees more bonus rounds. The spin icon is located in the middle of the footer with the max bet to the right and autospin to the left. With autospin you can select increments up to 1000 automatic spins and select advanced features that interrupt the game if features are won, a bonus round is entered or whether cash increases or decreases by a certain amount. There are two options to increase your bet size. The coin value on the bottom right which ranges from 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 and 1 and level on the bottom left which can range from 1 to 10.

Provider: NetEnt
Paylines: 20
Min-bet: 0.2
Max-bet: 200
Max-pay: 500x
Features: Bonus Bet, Bonus Round
Volatility: M