"...Huge Payouts"

"...A real Classic Slot for the purist"

Thor the legendary Norse God of lightning made his first experience on the slot reels with Thunderstruck Slot, the 9 line epic from Microgaming.

Perhaps one of the most recognisable slot games online, Thunderstruck Slot is a reminder that classic mobile slots games can remain popular in modern times. Slot design has come a long way since Thunderstruck Slot was first released by Microgaming but this game still holds a special place in the heart of slots aficionados.

Thunderstruck Slot features a free spins bonus round activated by hitting 3 or more Ram's heads. The bonus round activates the free spins automatically which keeps the pace of the game fast.

Mobile Slots games don’t come as iconic as this classic and Thunderstruck Slot has been entertaining legions of warriors for the past decade. Is it your time to wield the power the Mjolnir for electrifying wins.

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How To Play Thunderstruck Slot

Thunderstruck Slot Mobile controls are simple with the spin button located on the bottom right. The bet size can be controlled from the bottom left into fixed bet sizes ranging from. 18, 36, 54, 72, 90.

Provider: MicroGaming
Paylines: 9
Min-bet: 0.05
Max-bet: 90
Max-pay: 10000x
Features: Free Spins, Gamble Feature
Volatility: M

Thunderstruck Winners

Stig L. won 952.5 EUR on 2017-06-13

Una C. won 1358.4 GBP on 2017-05-17

Rose T. won 1132.5 GBP on 2017-06-21

Cameron U. won 1355.4 AUD on 2017-07-05

Pawel P. won 1045.0 SEK on 2017-06-04